The Five Year Plan

Nolan Galido July 11, 2008 0

Earlier today I was watching a show called The Big Idea hosted by Donny Deutsch. The topic for this specific episode was “Becoming a Millionaire in 5 years or Less” and they had 6 guests that actually achieved this. While listening to each guest there were a few common threads that held them together. Passion, Perseverance, and definitely a Plan. They spoke on how they were not happy with the normal 9 to 5, the rat race, and so they wanted to pursue something that they actually had a passion for. The guests ranged from shoe designers to makers of honey syrup. Then they stressed how they had a plan. From the first year selling everything they can to come up with funds, then persistantly networking and making conacts, until they were able to reach the goal they set.

Now I bring this up because lately I’ve been having a hard time with what you can call focusing, time-mangement, or setting up a plan. And I also noticed how each day I get the most hits on my blog from the tag “focus” so it seems I’m not the only person with this problem. Now I’m not trying to set up shop to make millions, which wouldn’t be bad, but I believe I’m pursuing something that goes beyond financial prosperity. My goal is to continue to pursue Christ and in turn share the story of Christ to the world, specifically to transplant from Los Angeles and embrace people with Gods love in Philippines. This is what I’m passionate about, this is my goal.

Now shouldn’t I have a plan?

I will definitely need a plan. I believe it was CJ Mahaney that said “If we don’t attack the week with a plan then the week will attack us.” and I have been allowing the week to control my schedule. So I’m going to start finding tools that help with time-management, planning, etc. As the weeks go by I will post resources that I will come across on and also post my progress.

If you have any tools or ideas you already use please feel free to let me know.

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