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God, are you here?

Nolan Galido August 7, 2008 4

How many of us have ever heard these sayings or have said them ourselves “God come into this place”, “Wow God showed up big time”, “I really felt the presence of God in this

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The Shack – Fictional Theology?

Nolan Galido August 1, 2008 0

“The Shack” by William P. Young is a new book out that deals with God and his relationship with our world. A description of the book from amazon is: “In a world where religion

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What is the Gospel?

Nolan Galido July 26, 2008 5

What is the Gospel? Do you know or has it become a word often used but rarely explained? I’ve read a great article by CJ Mahaney that sheds light on what the gospel is.

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The Battle – Journal Entry

Nolan Galido July 8, 2008 0

I recently went through my backup hard drive and I found a journal entry from 05 that I wanted to share: “ The life I live is a life of constant battle. Born into

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Oracle v. Testimony

Nolan Galido June 20, 2008 2

In about a month from now I will be sharing the story of God at a Jr. High Camp. I’ve shared the Word many times with youth and various communities but this time I

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