Marital Check Up

admin August 10, 2011 0

Have you ever been to the doctor for a check up? I think it’s pretty cool that you can go to the doctor and after answering a few questions the doctor can tell if there is anything wrong. He can even pinpoint the problem and give you ways to fix it (medicine, etc.)

When was the last time you went for a marital check up? With two completely unique individuals come together as one in marriage there are sure to be times things that need improvement. Here are 4 questions geared to Men to ask about their wives to do a check up for the marriage. If you want to really know how your marriage is doing ask these questions and don’t get defensive! :)

1. Do you know how your wife is? (not how she was, but how she is?)

2. Do you know what your wife needs? (when was the last time you sat down with your wife and asked what right now do you really need?)

3. Does your wife feel like she’s a priority? (are you really loving her sacrificially?)

4. Are you stewarding your time to spend time with your wife? (Does she just get the bits? Do you easily find money to buy what you want but when your wife wants something you are tight on the budget?)

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