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Hi Church,

Have you ever been on a long plane ride or long bus ride and you have felt the feeling of being impatient. Sitting in a small chair, in a small row, next to a complete stranger who seems to think you are best friends because they can’t stop talking even though you just want to sleep, wondering what is that smell, can get you quickly frustrated.

But what keeps you from going crazy? Understanding that it’s temporary. You know that you will eventually reach your destination.

Church we are on a journey and there are going to be times were we might get impatient!

So here are 4 things to remember while on the way to destiny.

1. Dream of the Future but live in today!

If you know me well then you know I love envisioning how the future is going to play out. I love to dream big! I have such great dreams for our church and specifically for each one of you. To see messengers of hope bringing hope to the city and beyond! But there can also be a negative side of dreaming of the future… we can live with our head in the clouds.

One of the best advice my pastor gave me was when he told me he understood my head is in the philippines but he needs but he needs me to be faithful while I’m still in hawaii. We dream of the future but we must remember to live in today. Tomorrow comes by steps. What steps are you doing today to prepare for tomorrow?

As the scripture goes, those who are faithful with the little will be given much more (Matthew 5:21)

2. Keep the right perspective

As we travel we need to remember there are valleys between mountains. It’s easy to get stuck in the valley mentality. Feeling stuck, feeling slow, feeling doubt. But when we keep the right perspective we remember our identity is based on the promises of the Lord and not on the screaming of our emotions! You are not going to be staying on the cramped bus forever you are headed toward your destiny!

3. Have Fun

I totally understand living for Jesus is serious but just because it’s serious doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Have fun!! I can only imagine how much fun Jesus had with his friends (disciples). Imagine walking so much, all guys, there had to be jokes going on! Also you have to remember Jesus was criticized by religious folk because he would hang out with the rough crowd.  And that crowd invited Jesus to parties. Do you think boring people get invited to parties?

4. Don’t play alone!

And lastly don’t play alone! Don’t try to walk this life alone. If someone could of done it alone it would be Jesus, the son of God. But he didn’t. He had a group of friends with him! We also need to enjoy this adventure of following Jesus with friends!

Stay Blessed,

Pastor Nolan


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