Faith Full – Going Beyond Normal

admin January 18, 2012 0

There are various scenarios where we can call someone faithful. When a man and woman have been married for so many years we call them faithful, when someone has been going to a church service consistently  we call them faithful, when someone has been loyal to an organization or job we call them faithful. I think we might be using the wrong word. Staying married, going to church every Sunday, working hard at your job is not technically faithful… it’s actually normal!

Faithful is going beyond normal! It’s faith becoming full! It’s daring to dream!

If your able I would love to invite you to Hope Chapel Metro this weekend ( where our current series is called “Faithfull: Going Beyond Normal” and I explain more of what I mean. If your not based in Philippines make sure to listen to the podcast that will be available soon.

Let us go beyond normal.


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