Easter Reflections

admin April 12, 2009 0

So its almost evening this Easter Sunday and as I sit and reflect all that happened today all I can say is Wow, God is good!

I was amazed to see over a thousand men, women, and children come to worship Jesus or at least see what He is all about…

And in one hour I was able to see teens who are sold out for Christ use their talents for Jesus.

I was able to see a man battling cancer cured and the doctors amazed to see a tumor on their scans but gone a few days after.

I was able to see a life restored with hope in Christ even though facing time in jail and then once out of jail worshiping God with their all.

To see  the gospel message preached and many come to the Lord.

I was able to see a gentleman in his mid 60′s with all his experiences in life raised his hand in agreement to truly put his trust in Jesus for the first time.

I was able to see people who were total strangers from different paths in life but are now close friends who are there for each other no matter what.

I was able to see so much this Easter!!

I thank God that I did not simply see easter eggs or a chocolate bunny this easter but I saw what happens to lives when Jesus is in the midst!

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