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Have you ever had to brainstorm? Strange word. Here is the definition for those who have no idea what that word even means.

“a conference technique of solving specific problems, amassing information, stimulating creative thinking, developing new ideas, etc., by unrestrained and spontaneous participation in discussion.”

I remember brainstorming when I was in ASB (associated student body) were we would sit around a table and come up with ideas. When I think back on previous brainstorming sessions I can recall thinking of ideas that were BIG but still doable. Coming up with ideas of having a radio station come and DJ a dance or creating a dance/basketball tournament, etc.. All these ideas were big but not totally impossible. The more I think about it I’m really not sure if any ideas thrown out were really larger than life.

I bring this topic up because I constantly think about what will happen in the Philippines. How will this church plant work? What is the main vision? The main objective? Who will come with us? Where will they stay? Who will we serve? What will God do? So I begin to brainstorm and throw out ideas and as I reread them it looks so small when placed next to my last question…What will God do? My brainstorm sessions have been “what can man do” and not “what will God do”. So as an experiment I’m going to start “Dreamstorming” instead of brainstorming. What is “Dreamstorming”? Great question because I’m really not sure, I just made the word up heh. But here is my definition for it.

” a life technique of dreaming specific ideas, amassing visions, stimulating creative thinking, developing new ideas, etc., by total unrestrained and spontaneous discussion with God. Holding on to the mind frame, what can God do?”

What can God do for the nation of the Philippines? What dreams does God have for the people of Philippines? Dreamstorming! Not what I can do but what God can do!

When are you going to have a dreamstorming session?

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