City Lights

admin February 11, 2011 0

As look out in the city it seems the stars of the sky decided to dwell on the earth. What once was barren ground has now become a cement jungle glittered with light signaling to all who can see that there is life. And I am one of those living amongst millions shining my own light. But my light is different, it is not a light created by my own works, it does not need to be refueled, it does not shine bright one day then dim the next, my light is simply a reflection of the true light, Jesus Christ! A city I’m not yet familiar with but a city God has called me and my family to. A city where God wants the world to know that the only true light is the light of Christ, the light of Hope! My prayer is the city lights I overlook now begin to focus as the days go by. From light to faces, from faces to names, from names to hearts, and from hearts to Christ!

Continue to join us in prayer as I pray that we may join Jesus in truly reaching the lost and redeeming hope in the city!

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