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Do’s and Don’ts of Church Planting

Do’s and Don’ts of Church Planting

admin July 13, 2010 0

This past week I was blessed with an opportunity to go to Sydney Australia for the Hillsong Conference! All I can say is… 2 thumbs! Such a great conference! Amongst the awesome general sessions

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Philippines Trip 09 – Pt 1

admin December 24, 2009 0

A nice cloudy day, the sound of car horns filling the air, fumes painting the sky, thousands of people running around destroying any meaning of a comfort zone… welcome to the Philippines! This trip

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Ready, Set, Go!

admin December 17, 2009 0

Ready, Set, Go! It was a brisk winter morning and my youth group and I just finished packing, ready to head down the mountain from a weekend retreat. After three days of seeking the

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In The Midst Of Conflict

admin September 1, 2009 1

In the Midst of Conflict “The aim of our charge is love that issues from a pure heart and ​a good conscience and ​a sincere faith.” – 1 Timothy 1:5 I’m a big fan

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Easter Reflections

admin April 12, 2009 0

So its almost evening this Easter Sunday and as I sit and reflect all that happened today all I can say is Wow, God is good! I was amazed to see over a thousand

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Action: Life on the run

admin March 9, 2009 0

I got a few requests for my notes on my last message at Thirst, college ministry,

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New Year’s Resolution

admin January 13, 2009 1

New Years Resolution Wow! Can you believe its another new year, 2009 to be exact! The year of flying cars and living like the Jetsons, I wish but I guess we have to wait

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Core Training – Part One

admin November 29, 2008 0

Have you ever payed attention to the commercials that run during sporting events? They are usually exercise or weight loss ads reminding you that it might be better to go out and play a

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Book Review : me, myself, & I AM

admin November 7, 2008 0

I was privelaged once again to be part of a book review blog tour with Multnomah publishing but this was not a regular book review. I was thrown a curve ball. I expected to

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