4 Reasons Why I Love Our Baptism Celebrations

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4 Reasons Why I Love Our Baptism Celebrations

Just got home from our, Hope Chapel Metro, Baptism Celebration and I’m blown away of the privilege God has given our church to journey with people. So below are 4 reasons I love your baptism celebrations.

1. It’s a Celebration

We intentionally call them a Baptism Celebration because it is always a celebration. For someone to be brave enough to publicly declare to the world that the old is gone and the new is risen is something that needs to be celebrated. If you are looking for more of private, quiet, formal type of Baptism you will not find it at Hope Chapel Metro. We are always celebrating! We have food, games, laughter, tears, stories, hope, music, and did I mention food!

2.  Hearing Testimonies

Every person who is getting baptized has to share their testimony! For many it is their first time speaking in front of a crowd but it doesn’t stop them to proclaim how God has transformed their life! Hearing their story reminds me how great our God is! Not only does it bless those who are there celebrating with them but it will also bless those coming to church for the first time when we play the highlight video at our weekend services.

3. Community Being Built

Another reason I love our baptism celebrations is when strangers form community. There is always a weird tension between a community that has already been formed and a new person. Same feeling as a person entering a new school or starting a new job. I love how our baptism celebrations intentionally create community. By the time the baptism is done you will be leaving with new friends.

4. Friends Baptizing Friends

We just started this recently but it is something I love already. I love when the friend who invited you to church or who has been discipling you gets to baptize you. It is so encouraging to see people who were once lost are now messengers of hope leading others to the true hope!

If you have not yet been baptize I encourage you to sign up for our next baptism celebration!

See you on Sunday at Hope Chapel Metro!

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